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Luís Coelho

(N. 6 December, 1983)

Luís Coelho was born in Lisbon, on December 6, 1983, having taken his first steps in Portuguese guitar by the hand of his father, an amateur guitarist.

If, initially, the appeal for the instrument was intermittent, at the age of 19 he decided to learn it more formally, having started his studies at the Music School of the National Conservatory with Professor and guitarist João Torre do Valle. Luis stood out, having achieved the maximum score in the exam. Later, he entered the School of the Fado Museum, where he took classes with Mestre António Parreira.

His thirst for knowledge also led him to a degree in Music from the Superior School of Applied Arts of Castelo Branco (ESART), in the instrument area (Portuguese Guitar) and, later, to a Masters in Instrument Performance, also at ESART, where he had Mestre Custódio Castelo as a teacher.

Alongside his in-depth study of the Portuguese Guitar, Luís Coelho has a Master's Degree in Civil Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico and has a PMP® (Project Manager Professional) certification in project management.

An entrepreneur by nature, in 2013 he founded with Ivo Yves Vieira the music school “Lusomusic”, whose aim is to democratize music education, in a fun, original and efficient approach.

Luís Coelho's path is guided by Fado and new approaches to dance and Portuguese popular music, having already stepped on several national and international stages with various artists.

In 2021, he releases, at the Museu do Fado Discos, his first solo instrumental record, “Contos de Cordas”, where he joins the strings of the Portuguese guitar to those of the harp and the double bass, in a project entirely of his authorship.

The album features a concert on July 15, 2021, at the Fado Museum Auditorium, and another on September 17 of the same year, at Centro Cultural de Belém.




Luis Coelho by Vasco da Câmara Pereira

Luis Coelho Trio by Luis Carvalhal

Luis Coelho by Vasco da Câmara Pereira

Luis Coelho by Vasco da Câmara Pereira