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Luísa Amaro

Luisa Amaro studied Classical Guitar at the National Conservatory of Lisbon with Professor Lopes e Silva and continued her studies in Barcelona, ​​in 1983, with Argentine guitarist Maria Luisa Anido.

In the following year, she started playing with Mestre Carlos Paredes (1925-2004), who accompanies on classical guitar in hundreds of concerts around the world, interrupting this activity in December 1993. In parallel, in 1989 she attended the International Guitar Course in Castres (France), with Argentine guitarist Roberto Aussel.

Since 1996, Luisa Amaro has dedicated herself to the Portuguese guitar as a composer. From her relentless search for new timbre surroundings and a different repertoire for an instrument loaded with symbolic tradition, challenging the Portuguese guitar to other pulsars and rhythms.

Of the countless concerts held throughout the country, and in addition to the dozens of shows with the presentation of the work “Canção para Carlos Paredes”, from 2004, we highlight the show with the Orquestra Académica do Porto, under the direction of conductor António Saiote ( 2001); music for “Devaneios Flutuantes”, danced by Ana Rita Barata and Pedro Sena Nunes (2001-2002); the concert for the Jubilee of the Cardinal Patriarch of Lisbon (2003); the concert at Círculo Eça de Queiroz (2005); the participation in the Lisbon Festival and the MED de Loulé Festival and the inaugural concert of the Islamic Festival of Mértola (2007).

In 2009, she released his CD "Meditherranios", with a presentation at the Museu do Oriente. In 2010, for the book/disc project "Geração do Novo Cancioneiro", she composed for "Poemas ditos por Maria de Jesus Barroso". Of the various shows held since then, the highlight is the concert in Madrid, at the invitation of the Embassy of Portugal (March 2009), concert in Trento, Italy (August 2010), the "Gala Mulheres de Vermelho", Lisbon (October 2011), the concert "Recreios da Amadora", at the opening of an exhibition about Carlos Paredes (February 2012).