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Matilde Cid

(N. 10 September, 1983)

1983-09-10Born in Estremoz, Matilde Cid grew up in a family linked to music and family evenings were spent playing guitar, piano and singing. Her father was a fan of jazz, blues and bossa nova, her mother of fado. Due to maternal influence, fado became her music of choice. She started singing in cafes in the city and, later, in Évora, during her university career. Later she came to Lisbon where she found the true bohemian essence of the urban song in the different fado houses in the city. At the invitation of Maria João Quadros, she joined the fixed cast of “Casa da Mariquinhas” (currently closed) in Alcântara, and even sang in the well-known “Mesa de Frades”, “Senhor Vinho”, “Associação do Fado Casto” among others.

In November 2014, João Braga invited her to participate in his concert at Teatro Municipal São Luiz, where he presented her as one of the new fado voices to be taken into account.

In 2014, 2015 and 2016 Matilde participated in the Fado Festivals "Caixa Alfama" and "Caixa Ribeira", and in 2016 she had her first solo concert at CCB and also participated in the musical "Once in Fado", in London. She also took part in the “Fados Para Santo António” program promoted by the Lisbon Museum - Igreja de Santo António and, in September 2019, Matilde released her first album, “Puro”, directed by the musician Diogo Clemente and edited by the Fado Museum.

"I feel Fado as insatiable. I will never understand it, I will never know everything about it and I will never know how to sing it perfectly. It is and will be a constant restlessness that will haunt me for the rest of my days. There remains a deep desire to disquiet those who hear me ... "

Matilde Cid



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