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Nuno da Câmara Pereira

(N. 1 January, 1951)

Born in Lisbon, Nuno da Câmara Pereira is the oldest of eight brothers of a traditional family which always sang fado. Every reunion was an excuse to sing and listen to Amália Rodrigues, Maria Teresa de Noronha or Carlos Ramos, among others.

He goes to Angola in 1972, where he stays until 1974, as a private in the Colonial War. He says: “fado was a good remedy to relieve us. I remember being at the War Stage and singing…”

In 1977 he appears in public for the first time at the stage of Coliseu dos Recreios, with the cast of a variety show, and in the beginning of the 1980s he records his first album “Fado!”, with Valentim de Carvalho. At the same time, he graduates in Agronomic Technical Engineering, but never stops singing; Nuno da Câmara Pereira felt agriculture did not fulfil him.

He inaugurates the fado house “Nove e Tal” in Campo de Ourique, a project that lasted some 9 years, enough to remember fado singing good times, namely with his brothers Nuno, Gonçalo e Mico.

Then came new recordings: “Sonho Menino”, “Nuno da Câmara Pereira”, “Mar Português”, “A Terra, o Mar, e o Céu”, Guitarra”, along with them a series of concerts and shows in Portugal and abroad.

Celebrating 10 years of career, he releases the album “Colectânea”, recovering some hits and recreating other themes. In 1993 there is a special moment in his career with the release of the album “Tradição – Fados de Maria Teresa de Noronha”, together with José and Vicente da Câmara, who sing fados made famous by Maria Teresa de Noronha.

Along with his career as a fado singer, Nuno da Câmara Pereira is also a well known Portuguese politician, member of the parliament and president of PPM, and has developed efforts for specific causes. He wrote the book “O Usurpador” (2008), published by Dom Quixote and, in 2009, he releases the album "Lusitânia".





  • Cavalo Ruço Nuno da Câmara Pereira (Paulo José Carvalho Vidal / Frederico Valério)