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Julieta Reis

(N. 2 November, 1935)

Julieta Reis was born in Lisbon and debuted at 17 years old as a singer in the band "Conjunto Manuel Simões", with a written permission by her father so she could perform before coming of age. In this band she sang a very wide repertoire at several stages across the country.

She becomes a professional at 20 years old and is invited to join the cast of "Café Luso". Meanwhile, Julieta Reis gets married and moves to Marinha Grande, quitting public performances. After this interval, Julieta Reis returns to the fado world through the hand of José Borges. She performs at several fado houses for a varying time, according to the offered conditions. We highlight: "Lar Português", "Adega Mesquita", "Márcia Condessa", "Viela", "A Severa", "Cesária", "Solar da Madragoa", "Forcado", “Timpanas”, among others.

During her stay at the fado house "Severa" she recorded some songs at the studios of Emissora Nacional, along with the house’s cast. These recordings were meant to be sold at the fado house.

Julieta Reis is hired to perform in Mozambique, at "Moulin Rouge", in the city of Beira, where she stayed for about two years. She also stepped on other international stages, namely in the Netherlands, U.S.A. and France.

In England (London) she replaced the fado singer Maria Amorim because she could not perform at the fado house. Julieta Reis remained at this city until Maria Amorim died.

During her career pathway, Julieta Reis works with several artists, both of fado and songs, and this side of her is more recognizable at Casino da Figueira da Foz. She also visits Porto, working at the fado house "Candeia".

In her pathway, Julieta Reis records many fado collections, both in disc and cassette.

She retired at 65 years old, but once in a while she would still perform at the fado house of her friend Julieta Estrela, "Fado Maior", as well as in charity events throughout the country.



Museu do Fado – interviewed on the 30 August 2006


Julieta Reis, Amadeu Ramim Restarante O Luso, 1959

Julieta Reis

Julieta Reis

Julieta Reis

Julieta Reis, Ricardo Parreira e Mário Estorninho.

  • Madragoa Julieta Reis (João Bastos / Frederico Valério)