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Liliana Luz

(N. 13 January, 1980)

With a unique vocal and interpretative ability, Liliana Luz is a stated fado promise. Her solid career shows unequivocally a route of ascent and media attention that is not unrelated to her talent and artistic expression.

Born in Cantanhede, early she outlined firm and determined steps on stage, that were succeeding a number of television shows.

She began her career in 1994 in the group of folk music and traditional Oragora, but it was in 1997 that she developed her vocal technique, at the Aveiro Conservatory of Music. At the same time, she experienced funk music with the group Sextante. Also that same year, and until the middle of next year, she was a resident singer in the tourist complex Gávea Park, in Cantanhede. By this time, in an informal but striking way, the fado emerged in her life.

The visibility of the 1st place in the Broadway Song Festival / Diário de Coimbra, in 1998, drew the attention of the Orchestra Quo Vadis, to which she gave voice for several years.

She studied with Professor Rui Matos, conscious of the need to develop her vocal technique.

Between 2005 and 2007 she participated in the musical production Cantigas da Rua, a touring show in which were recreated the hits of the Portuguese films soundtracks, from the 30/40, with the presentation of José Carlos Malato.

Between song and fado, Liliana Luz has strong focus in her career and has performed on reference stages - Casino da Póvoa, Casino do Estoril and Casino da Figueira, on this last as a guest singer on the show Aquarium.

In 2008 she moved to Lisbon, encouraged by the production company C2E, with which she worked until 2010, and began singing in the fado house Marquês da Sé and later at the Restaurant Sr. Vinho, where she became part of the cast since june. By that time, she participated in the Grande Noite do Fado where she reached the 2nd place. She was the chosen singer for the cast of the play “É Só Rir!”, with Octávio Matos and Natalina José.

Liliana Luz sang in Portugal and abroad, in the United States, Germany and France, sharing the stage with majour fado singers as Maria da Fé, Rodrigo, Katia Guerreiro, António Pinto Basto, Anita Guerreiro, Gonçalo Salgueiro, among others, being accompanied by the most renowned musicians of Lisbon.

From 2008 to 2010 she studied vocal technique with Professor Maria do Rosário. In 2010 participated in the theme Com os Meus Olhos, on the third studio album, from the reggae group Mercado Negro.

In the same year, Liliana Luz recorded two fados in the CD/Book Poemas do Meu Fado – a work with about 180 poems by José Luis Gordo - with renowed fado singers as Maria da Fé, António Zambujo, Hélder Moutinho, Rita Gordo, José Manuel Osório, among others , accompanied by Paulo Parreira on the Portuguese guitar ( who also signed the production ) and Rogério Ferreira on the fado guitar.

In January 2012 was invited to sing in the show José Luís Gordo – O Fado e Palavras presented at the São Luiz Teatro Municipal, in Lisbon (recorded by RTP and broadcasted in April of the same year ) and later at the Teatro Rivoli, in Porto.

Currently she is on the permanent cast of the Restaurant Sr. Vinho, in Lisbon, where fado is the attraction, aligned with the tradition of fado houses. This house, owned by the singer Maria da Fé and the poet José Luís Gordo, is one of the most important cultural places in Lisbon.

Liliana Silva, s/d

Liliana Silva, s/d

Liliana Silva, s/d

Liliana Silva, s/d

  • Espelho da Saudade Liliana Luz (José Luís Gordo / Raúl Simões Pereira)