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Lúcio Bamond

(N. 7 February, 1954)

Lúcio Bamond was still very young when he fell in love with Fado.

He was born on February 7th, 1954, at Maternidade Alfredo Costa and was raised by his grandparents in Alcáçovas, Viana do Alentejo, until he was 12.

At the age of 13, Lúcio moved to Cascais and, three years later, he went to live with his father in Paris. The artist studied at Alliance Française and started singing professionally at the Restaurante Ribatejo, owned by Portuguese-French singer Marie Myriam's father. Lúcio returned to Cascais the next year.

Today, with more than forty years of artistic career, he continues to sing with his own timbre and style, which distinguishes him from other fado singers. About that voice, the chronicler Carlos de Castro said, one day, in this way: "I heard Lúcio yesterday ... What a perfect tone of voice ..."

Lúcio Bamond sang, in the 70s, in all the Fado houses in the Cascais area, which popularized Fado at that time, highlighting "Arreda", "Estribo", "Forte Dom Rodrigo", "Galito", "Kopus Bar "and "Tabuínhas".

In the 1980s he went to Lisbon to sing at "O Faia" alongside Maria ALbertina, Tilla Maria and Maria da Luz. The "A Severa" followed, with Ada de Castro, Arminda da Conceição, Lina Santos and then "Tia Ló", in Alfama, together with Tony de Matos, Lídia Ribeiro, Julieta Brigue, José Pracana and Carlos Zel.

In "Painel do Fado", he performed with fado singers such as Beatriz da Conceição, João Casanova and Maria José Valério, having subsequently been part of the cast of "Taverna d'El Rey" in Alfama, which had Maria Jôjô, Lídia Ribeiro and Natalino de Jesus.

Lúcio was also manager of "Novital", owned by Nuno da Câmara Pereira and, simultaneously, he prformed in this space together with Teresa Tarouca, José Manuel Barreto and Maria Mendes.

Alongside the Fado houses, Lúcio Bamond also performed on several cruises across the Mediterranean, with Camané, Maria de Lurdes Resende and Tó Leal.

His international career took him to different countries, such as Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Greece, Holland, Tunisia, Italy, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Maringá), Venezuela (Caracas, Puerto la Cruz and Maracay) ...

In 2011, he celebrated his 40th career with a special concert at the Montreux Casino, in Switzerland, having used the date to present his album "O Meu Fado Cúmplice", which had been released the previous year. This show featured musicians Armando Santos (Portuguese guitar), Carlos Nogueira (viola) and Carlos Matias (bass guitar).

His discography is vast and varied. For over 40 years, Lúcio recorded several singles, EPs, LPs and CDs and we can find his music in compilations, such as "Fado Capital - A Essência Do Fado From A to Z" and "Original Fado de Lisboa", both from Ovação.