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Pedro Moutinho

(N. 11 November, 1976)

“Most fado singers know me since I was on my mother’s lap”, it is the way Pedro Moutinho explains the familiar influences, whom we listened to, and with whom he visited fado houses, together with his parents and his older brothers, Camané and Hélder.

Pedro Moutinho starts singing very naturally at 8 years old, and the joins the Coro de Santo Amaro de Oeiras and the Ministars, with which he remains until age 13.

After a pathway shared by so many other young people from the same generation and serving in the army, Pedro begins working at sales, in a clothes shop, but soon realizes that it is not his future and returns to fado, performing on weekends at “Clube de Fado Amália”, and “Forte D. Rodrigo” – a learning path until he is invited to the cast of “Café Luso”.

Pedro Moutinho joins the Quinteto Fados de Lisboa (2000), composed by Portuguese guitar, Spanish guitar, bass, saxophone and a soprano, and they start performing in stages throughout the country, presenting a traditional fado repertoire.

In 2001 Pedro is invited to sing regularly at Casino do Estoril, in the show “Quartas de Fado”.

The label Som Livre makes a clear bet on him and Pedro Moutinho releases his first record, “Primeiro Fado” in 2003, singing, among other themes, poems by Hélder Moutinho, and receiving big compliments from the critics, who place him in a particular style without highlighting the unavoidable comparisons with his brothers; “Critics spoke of my job and only that, an that is really good”, he said.

To promote his record, Pedro Moutinho holds shows abroad: in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, France and Spain.

In November 2003, Pedro Moutinho receives the Revelation Award of Casa da Imprensa, publicly recognizing his career pathway and the features which define him as one of the most promising young fado singers.

Then came the shows and concerts with a very particular sound.

Pedro Moutinho returns to records with the album “Encontro” (2006), conquering a place among the best in fado. Once again released by Som Livre, Pedro Moutinho mixes tradition and modernity, and sings Fernando Pessoa, António Lobo Antunes and Manuel Alegre, among others.

His film debut is in the movie “Fados” (2007), by Carlos Saura, in the environment “casa de fados”, along with D. Vicente da Câmara, Maria da Nazaré, Ana Sofia Varela, Ricardo Ribeiro and Carminho.

In April 2008, Pedro Moutinho receives the Amália Rodrigues Award for Best Album.

The album "Um Copo De Sol" (2009) gives him even more national and international projection, followed by "O Amor Não Pode Esperar" (2013), with compositions by Aldina Duarte, Fausto Bordalo Dias, Manuela de Freitas, Teresa Tarouca or Tiago Torres da Silva. In 2016, he edited "O Fado em Nós" and, three years later, "Um Fado ao Contrário", whose single (that names the album) was written by Maria do Rosário Pedreira and Amélia Muge.



HM Música

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  • Lisboa Mora Aqui Pedro Moutinho (Mário Rainho / Martinho d' Assunção)