6 March, 2010

À Procura de Um Fado


On March 6th 2010 the Museu do Fado opened the photographic exhibition À Procura de Um Fado (Looking for a Fado), authored by Olívia da Silva (DAI – ESMAE Director). At this session besides the screening of the documentary about Francisco de Vasconcelos, directed by Jorge Campos (Laboratório Multimédia from ESMAE’s director), we could attend the book presentation Poemas Brancos with musical performances by the group In Illo Tempore, in which the honored takes part.

Photographic Exhibition
“The house of Francisco and Guilhermina Vasconcelos enchanted me since the first moment I visited it. (…) The space filled with objects and memories, creating proximity and facilitating the dialogue between images of past and present. And this is the home environment that reflects the generosity, simplicity and joy of a couple. And through here came an idea for a photo exhibition which is divided between the family photo album through a journey between 1950 e 2000 and the current record of a day passed between Celeiros do Douro and S. Leonardo de Galafura.”
Olívia da Silva

Documentary – Synopsis
Innovator of the Coimbra Fado, poet and humanist, Francisco de Vasconcelos opens his house doors, full of memories from Celeirós do Douro, to a team of filmakers and photographers. The visit takes place during a day and passes through S. Leonardo de Galafura. A man of disarming simplicity Francisco de Vasconcelos unravels memories of a route along which, in good and bad times, has always had his wife's Guilhermina company. In the story of his life that will emerge, where music and lyrics are always present, there is ultimately a story of unconditional love with God as his witness and his work place for redemption.